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We Believe. We Build: Stronger Communities

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“Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued- when they can give and receive without judgement”- Brene Brown.

Reminisce the feeling you got when you walked into a room, a celebration, an event or a gathering and instantly felt like you belong there. We often restrict ourselves from going to a place where we feel a lack of connection. Psychologically it is always believed that humans have a tendency to indulge in events that allows them a room to be themselves and which makes them feel valued and wanted. In a lifespan of an employee, it is observed how the work many a time grasp from all the sides. Under such situations often a person feels detached from not only the surroundings but also with himself. To get the best out of the efforts one can put, a person needs to get engaged at multiple levels. 

We at CRI events have always believed in rooting for each other and seeing each other grow. For constant optimum growth, flourishing, confidence and mental health everyone needs to feel safe, a sense of belonging and feel appreciated. We have always believed in taking this spirit and our belief which we hold in our team and for ours beyond the four walls and to the organizations to motivate as many as we could and make this a regular practice. Recently our team decided to take the spirit to Pepsico who with open arms wanted to celebrate their community. 

Just like how we always strive to bring interesting ideas to the table on how to engage employees during festivals, annual day, sale/marketing kick-off, etc, our endeavour was that the way we design and communicate is through a transparent way between our creative team and their HR team so that they truly understand the motive and concept to its depth. Our focus was to make the people feel connected with the whole vibe of Pepsi and to enhance it more, we incorporated all the 5 senses so that people are in it fully.  

For CRI events a community is beyond “you” and “us”; it’s about “yours” and “ours”. Diwali is an occasion of celebrating it with everyone with warmth and love, we decided to host one for them where not only the employees but their families also feel welcomed and connected. Keeping in mind how change is necessary for the refreshment of the mind from the monotonous routine and to make the work vibe look completely different we were adamant about having the catering service outsourced. We decided on different menus for different timelines so that the experience in itself is fulfilling and whole. Furthermore to make the experience of each age category count the arrangements were well planned and executed to the best in different segments like for adults we decided on turning an area into a real-time casino and for the children we made sure to give them a creative learning experience and for that we decided to create a space for spin art and lab of crazy scientists. Our main focus was to ideate on ways to make Diwali a day to create a stronger bond via instilling community and team spirit. Any occasion be it small or big should not be just a mere event but an experience and this is why we are always motivated towards experiential management.  

And that’s why it is wisely said by James Gobbo- “… that ultimate success in community leadership will only be achieved if it stimulates participation by others who are also to be seen as in their way leaders and not merely helpers”. 

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