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Ways to Brand your event

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Event branding is not just about having a catchy abbreviation or an attractive logo, it’s more about the experience that your event has to offer to its attendees. Unique innovative products & management styles at events are remembered for a long time. They help not only in keeping the brand alive in the market but also in bringing about transformation in the existing working methods. 

The following are the ways that can help you to better your branding techniques.

1. Define your unique identity

Creating a unique identity is surely the first and foremost step but how you present yourself and execute the communication is what will help you in standing apart. In today’s world where everyone has meaningful things to offer, people are bombarded with various brands and to shine out amongst the target audience, your brand personality has to be unique and authentic to grab the customer’s attention and their loyalty. Being the visual part of your brand, your brand image should be able to connect and appeal to your target audience.

2. Digitalization 

The importance that the internet has in today’s world is well known to one and all and also how creating an online presence is like breathing life in your brand. Ensure regular engagement and interaction on your online platform to stand out among your competitors in terms of market presence. Conducting interesting online challenges related to the event and also providing leverage in numerous ways will get your brand trending on social media. According to Bizzabo Event Marketing 2019 report live events are the single most effective marketing channel, live streaming of an event will also get you the online engagement.  

3. Traditional method

The saying old is gold holds true for the traditional method of branding which even in the digitized age works in great ways in attracting the general public. Even though it plays a supporting role in modern branding its importance cannot be ignored. Circulation of well-designed posters and advertisements in newspapers and magazines helps in targeting the offline audience and expanding the reach to a wider audience. Having billboard banners and posters at relevant places will also help in increasing brand visibility. 

4. Onsite branding

Events are where the magic occurs and what better way to get your brand across the guests than incorporating it in event decor. Let your theme and decorations embrace your overall brand image to reinforce your brand message. Social wall and projecting mapping are on an uptrend for increasing brand involvement. Having fun and lively segments during the event will also help in creating a lasting impression on the guests.  

5. Food & Beverages  

Modern branding techniques are not just limited to people seeing your brand name across various platforms. Food is a perfect way to have your brand imprinted on your guest’s mind. Desserts are a popular novelty with being Instagram worthy and on another hand, it works wonders on taste buds. From the color-coordinated cocktail menu to customized sweet treats (having your brand logo shaped pastry for instance) will go a long way in keeping the guests talking about your brand. 

6. Merchandise and freebies

A brand should always deliver experiences that go a long way. Giving a token of remembrance sums up the whole idea of beginning the process. Explore various things that can be used as a ‘gift’ and find out ways that can help you in post-event branding and add to customer delight. With eco-consciousness increasing among people, environmental friendly freebies & merchandise that are of actual use are on the rising trend for creating brand awareness.

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