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Unconventional Location Ideas For Your Live Experiences

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Events are all about those unique experiences making it cherishable and memorable for the people in the longer run. One of the most crucial elements in creating an unforgettable attendee experience is investing in the right venue. With the wave shifting towards the experience economy, non-traditional and unusual venues have become an uptrend. Traditional venues do come with their own sets of perks but one thing that attendees are looking for is a remarkable experience that can only be guaranteed by unconventional locations. In addition to enhancing attendee’s delight, a non-traditional venue also helps in supporting your company’s branding and messaging in a manner that would not have been previously possible at other traditional venues. 

Non-traditional venues can be divided into two types-

  • Architectural spaces which include beautiful and enchanting architectural spaces such as a warehouse, an airplane hangar, a rooftop, or a train station.
  • Experiential venues which provide specialized experience to people like Zoos, botanical gardens, museums, and art galleries.

With the rise in the experience economy, the importance of unique locations for an unforgettable attendee experience cannot be undermined and every event planner needs to keep up with all the unconventional location ideas to enhance and add to customer delight. So, here’s presenting you with a list of unconventional location ideas to aid you in planning your next event.

1. Parking garages

As unusual as it sounds, some parking garages have an amazing and wonderful view and great architectural design, but due to always being used as a parking space, it’s potential of being an amazing space for organizing an event is unexplored and unrealized. All you have to do is arrange cars in several rows to get the feel of a drive-in theatre and place a large inflatable screen and you are all set to give a heartwarming and exciting experience plus the parking problem is also solved effortlessly. 

2. Nightclubs during daytime

Nightclubs are usually invested in with good spacing and seating arrangements which favourably uplifts the vibes. The most crowded places often popular for the night scenes are usually standing empty during the day and with all the doubtless lighting, sound, food, ambience and the goodwill of the place, the first impression on your guests will leave imprints. So, why not use it as your next event location to break away from the usual and transform your simple luncheon event into a dance rave party for a spectacular event.

3. Airport Tarmacs/hangers

Usually small, commuter airports are closed by dusk. What better than elevating your event right next to a runway. Airport hangers are being widely used as a location for corporate events such as product launches. You can organise the whole event on the aviation theme with servers wearing an air hostess uniform to real aeroplanes defining the visual. It’s time to move out of the ballrooms, and under the beautiful skyline for the perfect takeoff. 

4. Art Galleries

No matter your industry or event type, it’s likely that you want your attendees to feel invigorated, energized and inspired. Put your ideas on the wall and let your guests live them one at a time. Art galleries have a unique blend of designs and aesthetics which are created by amazing artwork hanging over the white walls which naturally makes people want to pay more attention and indulge in deeper understanding which leads them to create long-lasting impressions. With its low budget requirement Galleries are ideal for planners looking for spaces that are low-maintenance but make a huge impact on the attendees.

5. Open Warehouses

These old, forgotten nuts-and-bolts factory locations have smoothly transitioned into multi-purpose spaces. Their worn-out architecture gives an ancient and unique feel making them versatile and appealing to everybody. Earlier mostly underground secret parties used to be hosted in warehouse spaces and abandoned buildings. But with the increase in the creation of unique experiences the venue is going mainstream. One must leave no chance to explore and show how unique wonders the event can do with the selection of an unexpected venue. 

6. Historic studio spaces

Historic spaces have a unique charm of its own and have an ability to transport people to a completely new gone by era. The venue’s rich history can be a great conversation starter among your attendees. These spaces provide an entrancing background and complement a wide array of events like product launches, fundraising events, and more. You can easily take people to a flashback making them go back in the era or making them feel nostalgic with themes of the bygone days.

7. Rooftop venues

Rooftop venues with its enviable, picturesque scenery and towering skylines make it a perfect place to host meetings, pop-up dinners, and corporate networking events. The combination of spectacular and breathtaking views with elegant and exquisite decor is perfect for creating a delightful experience. Rooftop floor spaces with full guarantee leave the guests impressed; be it a modern interior, ceiling windows or the phenomenal view, some venues are crafted to the highest standards-tailored to meet various desired styles. Rooftops make a bold statement and add the wow factor to any event. 

Any location which usually doesn’t fall into an event’s venue category but can be used as a location for different kinds of events to create an unforgettable attendee experience falls under the category of unconventional locations. While planning your next event go all out and make a statement with unusual venue ideas and make your guests awestruck with unique locations.

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