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How to make your conference a big hit!

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A conference is undoubtedly a great opportunity in providing a platform to bring people of the same industry together under the same roof for knowledge sharing, networking, and interactions for future endeavors. Every conference is considered successful when the experience is a fulfilling one providing the attendees with a 360 degree.

Here are some tips on how a planner can lay more emphasis on the basics which will add up in making the whole conference a memorable one.


The venue creates a big impact and when one gets it right, the meetings, conferences and big celebrations have the power to become enormous success stories. It’s a good practice to site visit the venue before the event and get the feel of the place and the first-hand experience in what it has to offer. Finding the right venue has the power to make or break an event and as it’s the first thing which makes the guests feel comfortable and want to come and be a part. Ensure on getting an easily accessible location as it will work in your favor of getting more people to attend the conference.

2. Get more out of social media

When it comes to ensuring that your event is an incredible success, social media has become an integral part and an essential tool for any effective event marketing strategy. Your target audience will get to know about the conference only when you get the word out there through the right means since the value of using social media extends far beyond just promoting your event. Being present on social media and sharing activities and updating timely helps in promoting, enhancing and sustaining the conference throughout and after. Communicating all the relevant information, keeps the audience in loop and updated. The right engagement and addressing the questions and concerns online can help in building a better connection with the people and build a stronger community.

3. Tech Viability

Even a minor logistics oversight can sabotage an event to a great extent. A technical glitch in between a conference will not only create disturbance but the continued technical problems will also create a not so positive atmosphere throughout the conference. It’s always good to check all the technical equipment beforehand and have an expert on D-Day around to avoid any problems. Since a perfect experience is what everyone strives for, make sure to keep in mind to give special care to the audio and visual to make it compatible for specially-abled people for the same.

4. Welcoming attendees

The way the attendees are welcomed marks the beginning of the experience the event planners wish to give. People should feel valued, welcomed and appreciated for their presence. Make sure that there are hosting teams who are there to welcome the attendees as they make their way to the conference and also available throughout the event to address any queries of the attendees. You can distribute a welcome kit consisting of a map, schedule, etc at the entrance, so people do not go astray during the conference. Arranging an ice-breaking session at the start to ease up the air between attendees can play a major role in making everyone comfortable which can go a long way.

5. Speakers

One of the main reasons people wish to attend a conference is to get a chance to attend the insightful sessions by the great speakers and also interact with them beyond the space. Arranging for and getting the relevant and best speakers thorough with the particular industry to attract the target audience. And if you are inviting an author as a speaker, a book signing event where delegates can get their own signed copies is a huge attraction.

6. Pay attention to service

Customer experience comes in various ways and to provide attendees with space where interactions and networking can take place in various ways is a must these days. A whole day of sessions without any break would be very tiring for everyone involved and will create restlessness among the crowd. Considering customer experience a priority make sure to give break slots in between various sessions so that people can relax and also get the opportunity to connect at a more personal level.

7. Goodie bags

Who doesn’t love gifts? Get out of the mainstream souvenirs with the company logo which is of no use to the attendees. Explore different ways and things that can be used as value addition and a communicator of the brand. Opt for recycled and reusable things. Start thinking outside the box because you never know how some simple things can turn out to be a great gift.

8. Providing Extra Facilities

Getting beyond what’s expected will be a delight for everyone attending the conference. Providing extra facilities such as free wifi, charging points, photo booths, parking space for vehicles, etc. will make your conference a complete experience. One should always ensure to give comfort in ways that add value to the conference.

These are some simple, easy to implement and extremely effective things that can take the conference to a level up from that of the competitors. Just go smooth with the basics and things always fall into place.

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