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5 quick ways to attract maximum people to your booth

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Going big is the aim, but always smartly. A trade show can be an incredible opportunity to get your name in the space and to make the most out of it. An exhibitor puts a lot of effort, time and money for an exhibition but getting people at the stall remains the most painful area for most of the exhibitors and everyone wants to get maximum business from an exhibition.

Here are 5 simple yet powerful ways to attract the right audience to your booth reaping benefits for both you and the consumer.


1. How about engaging the people coming to your booth with some interesting activation ideas?

We’re all attracted to great design, as much as they are appealing they are also highly impactful. At events and conventions, it’s easy to mix and blend all the communication beautifully. Make sure you have a booth that stands apart. Using design as a differentiating factor, you can also opt for photo booth installations, digital screens which are engaging and installations that give a live experience. These tactics always help in breaking the ice and making new consumers familiar with the brand.

2. What do people see really matters?

Get your booth designed so that it stands out It is important to make the person passing by feel invited and trigger an urge in them to come and visit. The whole layout and vibe can affect how inviting it seems. Easy ways to make your booth noticeable is what the companies have been striving for. If you have a large space, opt for arranging relaxing spaces for the visitors. Chairs, Bean bags or padded mats can be useful. Give people what adds value for them such as charging stations, drinking water or space to seek some rest from the crowd. Other things that can make your booth visible and stand out are overhead displays, graphics and incorporating components at great stretched heights


3. Build conversations with your audience it matters.

How engrossed your audience is at your stall will mark a brighter beginning to conversions and impressions. Indulge people, give them the free demo of your products or communicate with them in an interesting way that makes your brand a memorable one. One simple way to do the same is to make them perform quick tasks resulting in some reward which can lead to social media marketing. Often running a contest, raffles or quizzes helps in gaining the required information about the attendees which can be used later and it also adds an entertaining element that opens a large space for conversions and sales.


4. The face of the stall matters a lot.

Make sure you have the right people representing your brand – How you put your brand for others to perceive plays the major role in turning your audience into leads. A well-groomed and presentable person is sure to hold the listener engaged till the end and leave an impression. Always make sure that your staff is professional and well-groomed as then they will be the face of the company. Also, ensure that they are thorough with the products/services, sales pitches, lead generation, etc.

5. People love freebies, make them feel special by gifting them your brand merchandise.

Think creative and add value. Gone are the days of mugs and pens with the brand logo, in this age of serious competition everyone is focusing on giving away something unusual. You can stand out smoothly by giving away something quirky while subtly using your brand on it. Be different and attractive so that people want to come for the experience and not just free stuff. Ensure to give them free bags to carry their prizes so that it doesn’t become a pain for them.

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