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2020 Event trends – Evolving trends

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One of the most prominent traits of the events industry is its ever-evolving nature. Event planners are required to be on their toes with the latest trends to ensure the success of there events.

Presenting a list of event trends that event planners need to be aware of in 2020:

1. Personalization

Personalization of certain components of the event to suit your attendee’s taste is the next big trend in the event industry. Tailor-made elements help in creating a bond with the attendees and enhance their overall experience of the event. People can customize their event schedules or breakout session paths. According to endless events, 2020 events trends survey says that 47% of the event planners believe that tailored breakout session paths would be the biggest personalization trend for events in 2020.

2. Unique location

The traditional options are becoming a yesterday concept while booking the venue for an event. Social tables 2020 event statistics show that 92% of planners and property professionals believe that events are more likely to be booked at non-traditional venues than they were five years ago. Unconventional locations are a great way to create engagement with the attendees and if it is visually appealing than its an icing on the cake.

3. Wearable Tech

Everything is slowly becoming technology-driven so why not use it to improve the attendee experience. Wearable tech is the latest arrival in improving attendee experience which is here to stay for long. One of the best examples of wearable tech is Disney’s magic band which uses RFID technology to store relevant information and also acts as your room key, wallet, etc during your Disney stay.

4. Live experiences during events

Driving engagement through Live experiences is an increasing trend. Live events create more meaningful memories of the event for the attendees. 78.25% of event planners surveyed during the endless events, 2020 events trends placed immersive experience at first position above all types of live events.

5. Sustainability

With global warming and climate concerns, increasing daily, Sustainability is becoming a popular concept that’s here to stay for good. By doing simple things such as the use of biodegradable cutlery, replacing single-use plastics with more environmentally friendly options, digitalization of the registration process, etc an event planner can reduce the event’s carbon footprint.

6. Technology

Using technology to enhance customer experience is not a new thing but the way the technology is used is ever-evolving and the newer additions such as AR and VR are on rising trend to engage attendees. The other uptrend on the technology front is the event app with more number of people downloading the event app for information.

7. Bleisure

A relatively new discovery in the events industry, Bleisure is gaining momentum with the current generation. Bleisure is a blend of business and leisure which reflects the importance of work-life balance. A jam-packed schedule with little or no breaks will create uneasiness among the crowd. Hence, it has become necessary for event planners to have leisure time on the schedule so that the attendees can relax and enjoy their stay.

8. Safety & security

In a survey conducted by Social tales, 90% of the event planners state that security is the topmost priority for the event industry. The meaning of security has evolved to encompass natural disasters and cyber security as well. Event planners should have a crisis communication plan which will come into play in times of need to communicate with various people associated with the event.

9. Data-driven events

Use of data to plan an event will on the foreground in 2020. Most of the event professionals agree that data-driven decisions help in maximizing customer delight. Feedback forms, app stats, website analytics are a few of the methods of data collection. Real-time feedback through your event app can help in solving real-time event problems and enhancing attendee’s experience. Through data, an event planner can determine the success rate of business as well.

10. Catering

With the world becoming more health consciousness, plant-based diets are becoming popular more than ever, so event planners need to adjust their menus accordingly. Diets like vegan, keto, gluten-free, kosher, halal are few of the newer entries in the catering world. Health-conscious dining is not just limited to food but healthy and green beverages are also growing more popular. event planners can tailor-make the menu according to the attendee’s taste to add to customer delight.

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